Customer Feedback Analytics

Do you have accumulated a lot of customer feedback but don't know exactly what to do with it?
Analyzing everything manually is practically impossible. Understand your customer with smart text analysis.

We will instmane new and practical information from an unordered pile of customer feedback.
In any language. Content analytics is almost human-like and has a lot of superhuman abilities that you will appreciate.

How analytics works


Observing mode

We automatically monitor customer feedback and report results to you.

Main objectives
Get an accurate overview of customer feedback. Including tracking trends over time.


Finally,you measure your resources exactly where it's needed most.

You will get to know your strong supporters and critics.

Your key staff will receive tailor-made outputs.


Discovery mode

We'll find feedback information from customers you didn't even know about.

Main objectives
We can also find hidden topics and new trends. Customer feedback is under your control.

Your customers' satisfaction will increase significantly thanks to the rapid recognition and resolution of new situations.
Identifying the reasons for customers leaving will help you increase retention.
Analytics will provide you with an efficient and operational overview of incoming feedback.

Observing mode in practice

Albert references

Automatic analysis of customer feedback in the Albert chain

In Albert, they processed only

0 %
customer feedback

Analysts in Alberta were able to categorize a smaller portion of customer feedback – only about 30%. This lengthy process consumed 120 MD per year. And the results of the analysis were not reliable. The chain was therefore looking for a solution that would free employees from routine toil and sort feedback automatically, quickly and reliably.

Artificial intelligence processes

0 %

SentiSquare's artificial intelligence swallowed historical data and learned to recognize topics and sentiment in feedback forms without human help – almost with human precision. Without breathing, it handles 100% of incoming feedback. And this has made it possible to introduce a new and more detailed categorization of the topics that customers are addressing.


Automation in Alberta - numbers and facts

  • Albert saves 120 MD of qualified force per year by deploying automatic feedback sorting.
  • The regular report is done in 3 days instead of 3 weeks.
  • 100% feedback coverage has resulted in laser-accurate targeting of specific customer needs. In every store, department and region.

In Alberta, thanks to automation and artificial intelligence, efforts and resources in customer care are now directed where they are most needed. And much more efficiently than before.

Discovery mode in practice

T-Mobile reference

Automatic feedback analysis can handle more than 15,000 SMS per month in T-Mobile

What T-Mobile didn't do well

Despite the large volume of feedback, T-Mobile was unable to measure the causes of changes in customer satisfaction — there was no overall overview, information was distorted and fragmented by teams. T - Mobile tried the most advanced solution with classification using rules and keywords. Without satisfactory results.

How we handled it

In order to make sorting SMS into topics successful, we used T-Mobile's historical data in machine learning processes. Artificial intelligence has learned to identify the topics and sentiments of high-accuracy news. Users of analytics applications in data simply search and filter and receive clear outputs and visualizations.

What did feedback automation bring in T-mobile?

  • Reliable real-time trending in topics and sentiment
  • Easy and operational identification of specific feedback examples
  • A perfect overview of what needs to be improved from the customer's point of view and an instant overview of all important communication topics

In T-mobile, tens of thousands of SMS from customers are no longer afraid. Analytics helps them get to know their customers' real needs every day.

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