Contact Center Optimization

Artificial intelligence reads and evaluates all communication in the call center and analyzes the interaction
between the customer and the operator so that both sides are more satisfied at the end of communication.

How it works

Communication before

Before communication starts

AI is running and ready to instantly review 100 % of sent emails, text messages, call transcripts and feedback.

During communication

Ongoing analysis and live feedback: Evaluates grammar, formatting, greeting, empathy, etiquette...

After communication finishes

Communication is available for analysis. Managers now have a perfect overview of the quality of customer care and which operators need additional training.

Success story


Share of checked e-mails for – 80,000+ incoming e-mails per month's challenge

0 %
of e-mails assessed

On average, the quality control team was able to assess just 1% of all emails sent to customers by operators. The evaluation was carried out on an almost random basis – there was no way to know which emails to focus on. The overall performance of the operators’ team could not be monitored either.

SentiSquare's solution

0 %
of e-mails assessed

SentiSquare AI learned to assess emails by grammar, empathy, format and greetings, thanks to its ability to process natural language. It then joined the process using API and started evaluating e-mails from operators in real time.

Contact center optimization’s Results with Sentisquare

Since its launch, SentiSquare’s AI has checked 100% of e-mails sent. Thanks to continuous learning it is constantly improving. Managers at now have a perfect overview of the quality of their customer care and know which operators need additional training.

FREE solution and pilot project

Unleash the full potential of your customer care and innovate your business. We will prepare a free solution designed for you and the pilot project can be up and running in just two weeks.