Would you like to look after your customers more effectively?

Engage artificial intelligence!

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the perfect solution for you if:

You're in a state of disass now with messages from your customers

Artificial intelligence processes 100% of incoming communications.
He'll read it, understand it, and sort it for you.

Contact Centre is not in a time to process requests

Artificial intelligence handles 1 email for 0.3 s.
A person in an average of 2 minutes 40 seconds. We can do it 500 times more efficiently and at radically lower costs.

Because of the monotony of work, employees leave

Leave monotonous tasks to robots.
Let your people do the work they enjoy and have added value.

You cannot manage to assess the quality of your customer service

Artificial intelligence will monitor all outgoing communication and evaluate the quality of communication. The satisfaction of your customers will increase significantly.

How does text analytics work?

text analytics

Natural language processing (NLP) technology simulates the human ability to read and understand text. It will help you to evaluate your customers’ needs better, automate repetitive tasks, and provide first-class customer care.

0 %
of incoming communication is sorted
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success rate of our self-learning robots, which increases over time
0 days
is enough to start getting your inbound communication under control using AI


We bring speed and precision analytics, powered by artificial intelligence, to customer care. result?

You understand what your customers are saying and provide them with first-class customer service.

Contact Center Optimization

Keep track of your customer care quality

Customer Feedback Analytics

Find out what your customers really want.

Email automation

Reduce response time and costs

Why you should join forces with us

Fast implementation

We know exactly how our algorithms work and nothing surprises us. As all solutions are based on self-learning statistical models, we only need historical data to get started.

Language independence

Our algorthms learn the meaning of the text and adapt directly to your data. As a result they have a premium success rate and can handle any language incl. Japanese, Chinese, as well as slang and typos.

Tailor-made solutions

We will design a solution tailored to your business for free. By cleverly incorporating it into the existing communication infrastructure, your service desk or contact center will save time and money, and your customers’ experience will rapidly improve.

Cutting-edge technology and expertise

We are experts in NLP - computer reading technique and understanding of the content of text documents. Our own AI technology combines different types of machine learning.

Get ahead of your competition

Our AI, like the human brain, understands the meaning that words represent. This allows you to get to know your customers in detail and gain an enormous competitive advantage.

FREE solution and pilot project

Unleash the full potential of customer care and innovate your business. We will prepare a free solution designed for you and the pilot project can be up and running in just two weeks.